The Canavese Valleys are a unique natural playground to practice a multitude of sports in contact with nature: hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, cycling and mountain biking, equestrian tourism, Nordic and alpine skiing, walking with snowshoes, and for the more daring : climbing on frozen waterfalls, free flight, canyoning. You just have to choose what you like....


All of the Canavese Valleys offer trails for hiking (including the famous Royal hunting roads in the Gran Paradiso National Park, once used by the Savoy to hunt ibex) with a plurality of options: from the simple relaxing walk up to challenging trek of several days.


In the Gran Paradiso you can find the only mountain 4000m high entirely in Italy and some classic climbing routes. This area is a real mountaineering school that allows ascents of levels and different difficulties, some suitable for beginners to learn the basic techniques, other fascinating and challenging even for experienced mountaineers. In Orco valley you can climb to the Gran Paradiso (4,061 m), the Punta Fourà (3,411 m), the Ciarforon (3,642 m), the Tresenta (3,609 m), the Punta Basei (3,338 m), the Levanne (all higher than 3,500 m) and the Great Auguille Rousse (3,438 m). The valley of Piantonetto is a good starting point for ascents to Torre del Gran San Pietro (3,692 m), to the Beak of the Tribulation (3,360 m), and Punta d'Ondezana (3,492 m). In Soana valley you can reach the Rosa dei Banchi (3,614 m) and Lavina Tower (3,308 m).



The free climbing recounted important pages of history on the walls called Caporal and Sergent in Orco Valley, where he was born the "New Morning", a style of climbing that favors the aesthetic gesture, deepens the philosophical aspect of sporting event and opens to new technical solutions. In these valleys you can attend extraordinary climbing walls in Ceresole, Locana, Noasca, Pont, Ronco and Valprato or more simple walls like the ones of Sparone. Very busy walls equipped for climbing with the possibility to engage in introductory courses to the sport can also be found in Settimo Vittone and in Traversella.



The paradise for cross-country skiing in Canavese is in Ceresole Reale with trails of varying difficulty reaching a total length of about 17 km. Particularly striking development of the track around the artificial lake with the passage on the dam on skis. A small path for cross country skiing is also present in Piamprato in Soana Valley.



Our small ski stations are well suited for families and for young skiers. You can ski in Ceresole Reale, Locana, Piamprato and a small ski lift is also in St. Elizabeth of Colleretto Castelnuovo. Alpe Cialma of Locana hosts also a small snow park for lovers of snowboard.
Paths for alpine skiers are countless and often challeging, while excursions with snowshoes are relaxing and suitable for everyone.


There are several possibilities for free flight activities (hang gliding or paragliding) with take-off points in St. Elizabeth of Colleretto Castelnuovo and Brossso.


Arcansel, the rainbow flight is a spectacular outdoor recreational facility in Frassinetto. The structure allows you to experience the thrill of flying hanging from a metal cable with a special pulley and harness. The flight carried out in a horizontal position with the head facing down, thanks to the use of special slings, very similar to those used for paragliding, has a total length of 1800 m of free flight (the longest in Italy). The flight takes an average of 70 seconds with a top speed of 140 km / h. Time and speed will vary according to the weight and wind.


The alpine streams of Orco Valley and Valchiusella are a paradise for canyoning and river jumpers, on Soana river you can go kayaking, while short sections on the Dora Baltea and on the Orco are suitable for rafting. On Ceresole Lake at 1,600 meters above sea level you can go windsurfing and has recently opened a yacht club for navigation rowing.



Ceresole Reale and also the Soana Valley (in Piamprato and Val di Forzo) are home to numerous ice falls adapted to climbing with ice axes. A Ceresole, Piamprato and Locana in the winter season you can go ice skating.

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